Buying an aircraft

Purchasing an aircraft entails complex decisions and procedures, so the right support is crucial to facilitate the process. At Fly305, our qualified sales staff includes aircraft mechanics with inspection authorizations (A&P IA), pilots with airline transport category (ATP), and finance specialists among others.

With combined comprehensive technical and financial experience, Fly305 staff will identify the best option for you and your budget to maximize the quality and value of your purchase.

Should your aircraft acquisition involve importing or exporting, Fly305 will handle the entire process, including customs requirements, handlers, re-registration, pre-evaluation inspections, flight planning and crew hiring.

Discover private aviation today!!!
Let Fly305 be your trusted partner when making the decision to buy an aircraft.

We are ready to handle any additional aircraft completion needs, including but not limited to, custom paint, new interior, the latest avionics upgrades and modifications

Learn about transition ownership, we got you covered on all phases.

Ready to move up from your favorite single engine aircraft ? We can make that transition easy. Business and personal missions constantly change and Fly305 will be there to help when you are ready, just like we have done with numerous clients.

Sell your Aircraft

Fly305’s approach to finding a potential buyer for your aircraft is strategic and effective. Every customer looking to sell their aircraft is treated in the same attentive manner and with the same attention to detail. In order to accommodate the various times zones, Fly305 staff is always available and ready to answer any questions regarding it’s inventory 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Fluent in English and Spanish allow us to communicate clearly with our customers and comfortably interact with the global market.

We will prepare the most complete and accurate specs

Fly305 will showcase your aircraft with the best light in order to show all the amazing details in the specifications, presenting an unparalleled image in the eyes of potential buyers. We will personally review the technical details of the aircraft in order to provide our customers with the most accurate and recent information.

Reaching further with our worldwide network

You can rest assured knowing  your aircraft will have unique and vast exposure thanks to our network in the US, Central and South America, Europe and Asia.

Stealing the buyer’s imagination

Bringing out the aircraft most powerful details is essential, transporting the potential buyer to feel like they already own it.