Geyxel Suarez

With more than 27 years in private aviation, Geyxel, an experienced aircraft technician founded Aerospace Network LLC in 2007, later branding it as a more South Florida flavored, Fly305. Born in Caibarien, Cuba, Geyxel migrated at 13 years old in a boat to Miami with his mother. His love for aviation started when he was only seven, during a visit to a park in Cuba, there was a static display of a Russian build Mig 17. He was hooked with aviation from that moment on. During high school he also attended an aviation technical school and worked full time at a general aviation repair station. By the time he graduated high school he was already an experienced aircraft tech. He went on to get his airframe and powerplant license A&P and worked on everything from old warbirds to Gulfstreams and Global aircraft.

That experienced have served him very well in the aircraft sales industry. Understanding all the aircraft technicalities, regulations, manuals, maintenance reports, equipment and keeping up with the latest technology makes all the difference when selecting or managing an aircraft for a client.

Stefanie Greenberg

An experienced mortgage underwriter with numerus successful high end real estate transactions makes Stefanie an important key to Fly305 success. Having a different view during an aircraft negotiation or transaction is essential. Stefanie is also New York City active 911 First Responder. That experience comes into place to keep things relaxing during stressful moments that corporate aviation occasionally cause.

Stefanie has a big passion for aviation, especially for helicopters, something she finds fascinating and hopes to get her rotor wing licenses soon. In 2021 she joined the Fly305 team as a member and helped shaped a new business plan to reach further with aircraft sales and management.

Sergio George

Top Latin Music producer and several Grammys winner Sergio George has made all of us hit the dance floor. This iconic musician has produced the best songs for artist like Marc Anthony, Daddy Yankee, Celia Cruz, Prince Royce, Maluma, among other popular Latin artists.

 His love for aviation goes back to his childhood time, looking up and seeing these machines in the sky fascinated him. Later on in life, that same love grew bigger while flying for business. Spending countless hours in the air got him the urge to pursue business aviation. In 2017, while considering purchasing his own Learjet he came across Fly305 in South Florida. Instead of buying one of their aircraft, they became partners in the business.

Buying, Selling and representing clients on their aviation transactions, including the management haven’t been enough to satisfy that aviation love. Currently he is working on his pilot licenses, looking forward to participate on some of the aircraft deliveries himself.